The Koop Studios

Our mission is to provide you with education and therapies to take a proactive approach to your wellness.  

Building holistic health practices will keep you feeling better inside and out! 

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Making health a priority is not so hard, but where do you start?

The four major areas below will help you pinpoint some tips and techniques for adding healthy practices to your daily routine.


Maintenance     *     Learning     *     Creativity


Sleep/Rest    *     Nourishment     *     Movement


Kindness     *     Gratitude     *     Meta-Awareness


Self     *     Others     *     Nature

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The Koop Studios is positively affecting change in the lives of many.

Helping you build mental and emotional resilience is paramount to minimizing the long-term effects that daily stressors will have on us as individuals, as families, as communities, and even as members of the global economy.

We offer alternative solutions that will empower you to find balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle through the ups and downs of the day-to-day. 

Empowerment Programming

Being the best version of yourself is sometimes easier said than done.  The effort it takes to strive for an arbitrary standard of perfection is draining, both physically and mentally.  -That is why it is vital to determine your core values and beliefs so that you can maintain focus on working toward a YOU that is authentic.

Because EMPOWERMENT means something different to each of us, having a personalized program offers you the best path to realizing it for yourself. Identify your goals and pick from a range of services to help you reach them:

Build Leadership Skills

Practice Patience

Eat & Drink Mindfully

Spend with Intention

Motivate & Mentor Others

Create Traditions

Harness Natural Energy

Embody Your Purpose

Heal Relationships

Forge Mental Strength

Commit to Movement 

Find Balance

Develop Personal Interests

Thrive in Routine

Expand Your Tribe

I'm Ready to Grow!
Empowerment Programming

Your employees are your #1 asset; when they do their best work, your customers benefit and that reaps rewards for your business. Because each employee is an individual, you need to have a wide variety of offerings to help EMPOWER each of them to be at the top of their game

Build a program suited to different positions, departments, lengths of service, popular choice, or any other designation that suits the specific needs of your group. Let a specialist help you design a unique combination of programming that will boost morale, build trust among staff and leaders, increase productivity, and decrease absenteeism.

Manage Stressors

Inspire Creativity

Practice Awareness

Stretch Boundaries

Integrate Movement

Utilize Skill-Sets & Interests

Prioritize Mental Health

Develop Confidence

Promote Collaboration

Align Goals & Rewards

Enable Growth Mindset

Support Self-Improvement

Value Work/Life Balance

Strengthen Feedback Loops

Expand Brave Spaces

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