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Coaching isn't Woo-Woo

...but even if it was, would you let a few words stop you from reaching your goals?

If the first discomfort in the process of personal or professional growth is getting over perceived ideas about coaching, ask yourself if the perceptions you hold are what’s holding you back from where you want to be.

Our coaches are here to guide you (or push when necessary) through the tough situations that might have previously kept you from achieving everything you’ve dreamed of. 

It’s all just there… on the other side of your comfort zone and we’re going to help you get it all.

Maximize Your Output

The data speaks for itself.  You just have to face it.

You, your team, your family, or your students could benefit from a data-based, holistic coaching program that will make your interactions more enjoyable and productive.

Coaching can help groups and individuals:

  • Have constructive dialogue instead of arguments
  • Find joy in their role(s) and reduce tardiness
  • Ask for what they need instead using manipulation
  • Gel as a group and develop as individual leaders
  • Discuss difficult issues instead of “quiet quitting”
  • Increase performance and overall outcomes
  • Reach personal and team goals quicker


Only 13% of employers think graduating students are well-equipped with the 'soft-skills' they'll need to be successful in their future careers

Vital Skills

Develop leadership through self-awareness, growth mindset, resilience, creativity, & negotiation
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83% of studies show a positive relationship between unity and performance, however, mental health struggles amongst teammates are now being shown to reduce both.

Win, On & Off Field

Play to your strengths by fostering skills in respect, communication, delegation, & strategic planning
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Businesses are seeing 2.5% (+) annual losses resulting from absenteeism and presenteeism; some of which has been linked to unhappiness in the workplace.

Work Better Together

Create a space that promotes engagement, collaboration, innovation, retention, & productivity
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Research shows that people are up to 60% more likely to give up on their goals before they get halfway to reaching them when they don't have a coach.

Get Stronger, Faster

Learn strategies to boost your energy, mood, focus, confidence, relationships, creativity & health
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Be the Master of Your Own Domain

Know Your Baseline

Understanding what "normal" is for you right now is the only way to recognize if/when/how things shift in the future.

Know Your Values

Aligning behavioral changes to what matters most to you is one of the best ways to make those changes stick long-term

Know Your Destination

Getting where you want to be is more likely when the end-goal is identified and defined by measurable outcomes.

The Right Support for What You Need, When You Need It...

When you decide to embark on the path to wellness, you may find that you need some support and accountability along the way.

The KOOP Studios is a purpose-built community of like-minded practitioners who assess your needs from a whole-being perspective and develop structured plans that will get you to your goals.

HOW these plans are put into place will ALWAYS be up to you because we understand that sustainable practices need to fit in with your daily priorities.

A Few Words from Our Clients

Holistic Changes are
More Sustainable Changes

Our practitioners are licensed professionals with decades of expertise in their fields.  They are constantly up-skilling and keeping up-to-date with the latest scientific data in order to best serve your needs. 

As the science behind alternative therapies is growing everyday, they take on the task of reading the studies, breaking them down, and applying them to real-life use cases.  Check out their findings:

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