Well-Living, Well-Being

Yoga isn't just about the pants...

Balance and flexibility on the mat isn't as important as balance and flexibility in your everyday life. 

The Koop Studios strives to offer as many different opportunities as possible to get the right ratio for you; whether it's creative, physical, or introspective, check out what's happening over the coming months and join us as we work to get our yogi minds and bodies happy and healthy.

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Saturday, October 10th @ 10:30am

Make the switch to all-natural cleaning products; reduce the damage to your lungs and skin from those bleach and alcohol-based sanitizers.  -Without sacrificing quality.  Details...

Saturday, October 10th @ 2pm

Give your kids the power to help themselves... From a de-stressing spray to a little something to detangle hair, you don't have to worry about accidents with these safe alternatives.  Details...

Halloween Week - 2 Day Camps (x3)

A Koop Studios collaboration with the Happy Pottery gives parents a break while the kiddos get topaint and make fizzy toilet bombs that will get them excited about cleaning in a non-toxic, Halloween-inspired way!  Details...

Saturday, October 31st @ 10am

Take time this harvest to collect pine cones, acorns, conkers, and other materials to mark the occasion of Samhain on this meditative 4km walk.  Let's practice moving yoga and set intentions for the season to come.  Details... 

November - More details closer to the date...

November 1st - 30th

Get a head-start on the resolutions for the New Year and join an online book club!  This 1st selection forces you to take a deep look at the choices you make in your life and how those choices align to the tenets of yoga.  

Thursday, November 12th @ 8pm

The medicines and cleansers we useevery day in our homes were all originally derived from plants.  What if you could mix some of the oils from plants with the most beneficial qualities yourself?  THAT. WOULD. BE. POWERFUL.  Learn how in this ZOOM session.

Thursday, November 19th @ 7pm

Give a gift that shows how much you care... A set of 4 all-natural body scrubs in a hand-painted canister is the Christmas present that you might just want to keep for yourself!  Brought to you by The Koop Studios and The Happy Pottery.

Saturday, November 28th @ 10am

Giving thanks is the first step in finding the abundance you already have in your life. See how much difference mindset makes on each of our 2 rings around the Newpark Fen as we walk with different intentions and gather a cornucopia of gifts from nature.

December - Book it into your diary now & watch this space for updates!

Thursday, December 3rd @ 8pm

Many of us eat when stressed and then our digestion takes a hit which affects our mood, sleep, skin, and more.  -Or, we just want to celebrate but end up eating foods that don't agree with us and get a bad outcome.  Pun Intended!  Learn to manage belly issues using essential oils, mindfulness, and supplements to keep living your BEST life!

Thursday, December 10th @ 7pm

Grab somefriends and join us for a fun evening of making luxurious, all-natural bath bombs!  Use them for yourself and feel pampered through these winter months or opt for some gorgeous wrapping and gift them to someone you love this Christmas.  Add a hand-painted piece of pottery and you've got yourself a unique hamper set.

Saturday, December 19th @ 10am

 2020 has been one hell of a doozy... Take this opportunity to reflect on everything you've been though, accomplished, missed out on and wished could have been different.  This SILENT meditation walk will give you the time and space to do that and set intentions for the new year as the Winter Solstice draws near.

Christmas Break - 2 Day Camps (x3)

The first camp session was a success so we've decided to offer it again! A Koop Studios collaboration with the Happy Pottery will have kiddos making non-toxic mini candles and wax melts to go in their choice of painted pottery.  A creative way to spend time off from school during the holiday break!

January - More information to come... stay tuned!

January 1 - 31st

Book Club: The Gifts of Imperfection

Thursday, January 7th @ 8pm

doTERRA & New Year's Resolutions:

  • 30-Day cleanse,
  • losing weight,
  • stopping smoking,
  • skin routine,
  • self-care, etc...

Thursday, January 14th @ 7pm

Make & Take Workshop: Daily sprays for Men and/or Women

Saturday, January 24th

Castle Park Walk with Chakra Balancing

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