Your employees are your greatest asset...
 CFO to CEO: What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave us?

 CEO to CFO: What happens if we don't and they stay?
- Every company ever... 
stay one step ahead
If you want to attract (and retain!) the best employees and outperform competitors in your industry, you need to have an edge that sets you apart from the crowd.  Providing your employees with practical solutions to issues that commonly arise in the workplace is one way to beat the curve. 

Multiple sources have quantified the cost of absenteeism to employers in Western economies as approximately €1.5bn. ($225bn.) per annum. Perhaps even more alarming is the cost of "presenteeism;" when staff still attend work but are unable to perform their duties at full capacity.  The World Health Organization has verified that presenteeism costs 10x more than absenteeism and is the number one area that employers should seek to improve through benefits to their employees.

The Koop Studios will help you put together a plan to identify the needs of your team(s) and implement a solution-based program to positively impact their health and wellbeing, thus decreasing absenteeism and presenteeism.  Programming can be built to suit any number of employees over the specified timeline and budget of your organization.  

Options for plans can be targeted toward improving general well-being, integrating new employees, developing innovation, strengthening collaboration, building leadership skills, and reinforcing the organization's mission.  The Koop Studios will support you in proactively taking care of your employees over the course of their career which will give you that all important competitive edge. 
Knowing all that, how can you afford not to?
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