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Aligning your actions to your values and beliefs will help you meet goals without suffering the pain of fragmentation and disconnect.  The same holds when looking at your health; it is much easier to create a sustainable path to wellness if you choose activities that mesh with your life, as it is, instead of trying to do the newest and coolest.

The Koop Studios offers holistic therapies you can build into existing routines and improve well-being in four ways:

Physical Health:  muscle tone vs. achiness, flexibility vs. tension, immunity vs. illness

Emotional Health:  feelings such a trust/disgust, happiness/sadness, excitement/worry

Mental Health:  replace limiting beliefs that may manifest as depression, anxiety, or stress

Spiritual Health:  tune-in to your true purpose and combat feelings of emptiness, despair,  or uselessness


Essential oils can be used topically or aromatically to help stimulate or calm activities within the various body systems.  Similar to putting lemon peels in the garbage disposal to deodorize, chamomile in tea to promote sleep, or wintergreen rub on muscles to reduce aches and pains, essential oils can support healthy body function.  Our specialists may be able to help you find appropriate combinations and concentrations of oils to boost mood, energy, memory, focus or ease anxiety, nausea, congestion, inflammation, etc...   Schedule a free consultation to determine which oils might benefit you and your family.  Take a class to learn how to reduce toxins in your home. Build an all-natural skin care routine using nature's gifts. The results could be invaluable!


Art therapy is a great way to help you develop self-awareness through creative expression. Healing and overall well-being can be supported by the creation of your own work and/or analyzing the work of others.  Our therapists select from various modalities - drawing/painting, music, drama, mixed media, sculpture, etc… to guide you through exercises that have been shown to benefit cognitive and motor sensory skills.  Additionally, art therapy can expose underlying thoughts and emotions which impact your day-to-day ability to make decisions, manage stress or resolve conflict. With little to no artistic skill required, the outcomes are often profound.

Ayurvedic Eating PLans

The basic ideology of Ayurveda is that a balance between your body, mind, spirit and environment must be maintained in order to stay healthy.  Imbalance in any area may show up in your body through common ailments such as: anxiety, digestive disorders, insomnia, irritability, and skin issues.  Through testing and analysis of your habits and patterns, specialized eating plans can be created to lessen problems typically associated with a misaligned constitution.  Choose from a comprehensive selection of services from weekly meal plan design to personalized recipe creation, itemized shopping lists to supplemental herbal remedies and more.


Breathing is obviously an automatic function for most of us but, when you pay attention to your breath, does it seem shallow or fast or wheezy or painful?  Breathing coaches will perform a functional breathing assessment to measure capacity at the start and end of your overall programming to determine the effectiveness of the prescribed techniques; however, improvements are often seen before completion of the plan in improved sleep, digestion, posture, concentration, and stress management.  While breathwork may provide a natural and permanent solution to such underlying issues, it can also be used to proactively increase athletic performance when taught by a certified breathing coach.


Taking care of yourself can be labelled as a bit of self-care, a long-term preventative maintenance plan, a once-off prescribed treatment, or something in between. Massage therapy can serve all of those needs and more.  While there is a wide variety of massage types available (Thai, Swedish, Hot Stone, Ayurvedic, Sports, etc...), the general results can be somewhat similar: deep relaxation, improved circulation, reduced stress, relieved muscle tension, boosted immune support, increased vitality, and an overall feeling of enhanced well-being. Each therapist will ensure that your massage is personalized to meet your specific needs now and as they change over time.


Mindfulness and meditation may have been associated with only a certain type of person in the past, but the field of neuroscience is quickly collecting evidence that the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of the two make them a well-being powerhouse.  Work with one of our practitioners to build habits that will strengthen the mental muscle it takes to stay present during the good, the bad and the ugly.  Learn how different ways of breathing can affect your heart rate and, thereby, your brain, which has a direct impact on your overall disposition.  Adding some simple mindfulness strategies to your day will allow you to better manage stress and feel more in control.


Getting off the couch or away from the computer seems like an obvious way to decrease the effects of a sedentary lifestyle (decrease weight-gain, increase joint-fluidity, improve mood, etc...) but, still, so many of us are stuck where we are.  Having options for how to get movement into your day could be exactly what you need to get going.  Yoga, kick-boxing, HIIT, spinning, and other classes are great if you need a bit of direction.  Organized sports might be better for you from a social aspect.  -Or, perhaps unstructured play could be your jam.  At the end of the day, any form of movement is going to be better than none and our practitioners are here to help design a plan to shift you into high gear.


At what age did you put away your toys and stop being interested in the playground?  It happens to all of us, but do we really need to forget about whimsy and the unabashed enjoyment that the first ice cream cone of the summer gives?  Meeting your inner child can elicit a slew of emotions but the result can make you more open to collaboration, better able to relate to others, stimulate creativity, boost self-confidence, increase problem-solving skills, and have more FUN!!  Schedule a session with a certified practitioner to find out how play therapy could benefit young and old, alike.  


One of the main tenets of reflexology is that the body will be able to nurture and repair itself once it is free from stress.  Studies have shown that human touch, alone, can decrease stress but the added knowledge of nerve endings located in the soles of your feet, palms of your hands, and even your ears give experienced reflexologists the ability to support functionality of the body systems.  Restoring the body's natural balance can reduce anxiety, pain, swelling, and tension while increasing mood, productive sleep, metabolism, and mobility.  Perhaps the greatest perk is that the benefits can still be felt even if you fall asleep during a session... Who doesn't love a two-fer???


Energy is the currency of nature.  We can't make more of it and we can't destroy it... We can only use it here and there and get the benefit of converting it from one form to another.  Reiki is the practice of channeling energy with the purpose of affecting a person's biofield and, therefore, allow a healing from within to take place.  Because we spend so much time in "fight or flight" mode, our bodies need to become re-attuned to our natural balance-state.  Similar to the way a grandfather clock will self-adjust to the rhythm of a dominant clock in a room, reiki practitioners can help you find internal balance against external circumstances.  Sessions can be in-person or distant so don't let "no time to get there" be an excuse not to help yourself feel relaxed and renewed through reiki. 

Sleep Hygiene

Your daytime behaviors play a major role in the quality of sleep you'll have at night.  -That being said, your behaviors right before bed play an even BIGGER role... Techniques for stress reduction, relaxation, and sleep habit management can be put into place throughout the day in order to make a difference in the quantity and quality of sleep hours you get each night.  Even the smallest improvement in sleep can have the knock-on effect of increasing productivity, boosting metabolism, supporting the immune system, and decreasing mood swings, among other benefits.  So, book an appointment to chat with a specialist today and then put your phone away for an hour to decrease your exposure to blue light today and get started on the path to better sleep tonight! 

Sound Therapy

While you might think sound healing is the most "woo-woo" of all the options offered, it's probably the one most scientifically-based.  Everything in nature has it's own special vibrational frequency and sometimes can fall out of tune, just like an instrument.  Well, with a bit of tinkering, we can bring an instrument (or anything in nature, really) back into balance and find its resonant frequency which will allow it to work at the optimal level. -Pretty cool stuff when applied to the human body.  Metal or crystal bowls, tuning forks, gongs, rattles, bells, even conch shells or the human voice can be used to reset vibrational energy which can leave you feeling more physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually connected to yourself and your environment. Sessions can be individual or group, indoors or out, in-person or virtual.  Get some 'good vibrations' today!